Toys Galore Week: Play It Safe

18 Aug

We’ve talked toys all week; now it’s time to talk safety, because it’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. As a parent, I don’t want anybody getting hurt on my watch, whether it’s my own child or a visiting friend.

Age guidelines on toys serve two purposes: they show consumers that a toy is properly sized for children of a particular age (for kids under 3, toys must meet certain standards to rule out choking hazards) and they show what developmental level a child should reach before playing with a certain toy.

Babies and young children are famous for exploring toys with their mouths as well as with their eyes, ears and hands. That’s why parents need to be vigilant about toys with small parts or pieces that can come off and pose a choking hazard.

And your three-year-old might be advanced in many ways, but that doesn’t mean she’s able to play with a toy or game that’s labeled “For kids 5 and up.” It’s not only the possibility of choking, but the probability of frustration on the child’s part if the toy or game calls for motor, social or thinking skills that are beyond the child’s current capabilities.

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Have a fun–and safe–weekend, and stop by again on Monday for Potty Time Week and more big Baskets of Bargains!

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