Storage Space Week: Storage, Cubed

20 Jul

Maybe you’re setting up the nursery for a baby who won’t be born for a few more months; maybe you’re trying to find storage solutions for the gear you’ve accumulated for your baby or toddler. Either way, you’re finding that your child may be little, but he sure does have a lot of STUFF! This week, we’re talking storage solutions here at The New Parents Guide!

My younger son comes by his nickname, “Monkey,” honestly.  As a toddler, he climbed everything.  If he couldn’t climb it, he pulled it down on top of himself.  We were constantly rescuing him just before he’d grab a heavy dresser drawer and pull it out too far.  These canvas storage baskets from Badger Basket are lightweight, so if your little one pulls one over, there won’t be any injuries!

Baskets like these are great for storing clothing, toys, and even board books!  Sold in sets of two, they’re available in 6 color combinations.  These can sit on open shelves, dresser tops, changing tables or on the floor.

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