Storage Space Week: Shoe Department

18 Jul

Maybe you’re setting up the nursery for a baby who won’t be born for a few more months; maybe you’re trying to find storage solutions for the gear you’ve accumulated for your baby or toddler. Either way, you’re finding that your child may be little, but he sure does have a lot of STUFF! This week, we’re talking storage solutions here at The New Parents Guide!

My mom tells me that my first word was “shoes.”  That explains a lot.  It certainly explains why I have a lot of shoes, unlike my husband, who has 4 pairs:  new sneakers, old sneakers, flip-flops, and dress shoes.  But I cannot live under such conditions, and it’s pretty clear that my kids take after me in the shoe department.  That leads to the question:  where do you keep them all?

I like to keep my shoes in my room, but the kids (and my husband) tend to kick them off as soon as they enter the house, causing a huge shoe pileup under the bench in the foyer.  I’m thinking about replacing that bench with this Shoe Storage Cubbie Bench.  It’s got 18 compartments, each large enough to hold a pair of men’s size 13 shoes, and looks equally nice in a foyer, mudroom or bedroom.

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