Safety Tip: Snap a Photo!

14 Jul

You know those photos you take of your kids at the entrance to the zoo or theme park?  They’re good for more than just your future scrapbook.

It’s easy for a child to get separated from your group in a crowd–as simple as letting go of your hand to pick up an interesting rock or a dropped water bottle.  It’s just as easy for parents to panic when they ask for help finding their missing child.  Just what IS the child wearing today?

Fortunately, it’s just as easy to have an instant record of exactly how your child looks on the day of that trip.  Use your cell phone (it’s with you anyway) to snap a photo of each kid as you leave for your destination, or at the entrance.  If the kids are wearing hats, include those as well.  This photo of my youngest at the Philadelphia Zoo two years ago is a good example–but it would have been better if I’d gotten a head-to-toe shot.

After the day is over, you’ve got a photo to remember the fun.  But during the day, you’ve got that little bit of insurance that, no matter how upset you may be that your little one has wandered off, you can instantly share identifying information like clothing with the people who will help reunite you with your child.

Huge thanks to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for sharing this tip on Facebook!

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