Party Time

14 Apr

Baby’s first birthday is always cause for celebration, and that goes double for my cousin’s twin boys!  Double the baby, double the fun.  Today we’ll be celebrating two adorable little guys who got off to a challenging start when they were born nearly 3 months early.

Here’s a picture of MY little guy holding one of the babies, who was just about 5 months old when this shot was taken.  Now the twins are active one-year-olds, on the move so much that they fall asleep in their high chairs at mealtime.  I’m not sure that my son or I will get to cuddle either of the boys much today–the twins may be way too busy for that!  But you can bet I’m going to try.  The collective cuteness is just irresistible.  So happy birthday to K & D!  Enjoy your party!

Join us again on Monday when we’ll bring you a few of my Favorite Things.  You’ll get a look at some of my kids’ favorites that have stood the test of time.  Midweek, you’ll meet my friend Janet who’s right there in the middle of New Parenthood with her 5-month-old daughter.  She’ll be sharing some of her own discoveries with you!  I’ll be leaving you in her capable hands for a short time while I have some of my own health issues taken care of.  I can’t wait to see what Janet has in store for you, and look forward to joining you here again soon.

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