October 15: National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

15 Oct

It’s not something we like to think about, let alone talk about.  But pregnancy and infant loss is very real:  up to 25% of all women will experience the loss of a baby at some point during their lives.   This is not a punishment, or even a consequence, of something that a woman did (or neglected to do) during her pregnancy; the majority of stillbirths and miscarriages are completely out of the mother’s control.

Many resources can be found at SHARE, a national pregnancy- and infant-loss support network.   Parents can find medical information, answers to questions about grief, and practical suggestions.  More information is available at AmericanPregnancy.org.  For those who want to connect with others who have gone through this experience, there’s I Am the Face.

Want to know how best to support a family member or friend who has experienced the loss of a pregnancy?   Here are some suggestions of things to say–and things not to say.

Just because it’s not something people talk about easily doesn’t mean it’s not something that parents who’ve experienced a stillbirth, miscarriage or loss of an infant want to talk about.  This is a day to open up and discuss this difficult and emotional topic, a day to support others who have gone through a loss.

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