New Mamas Week: The Bottom Line

10 Jul

When you bring home that new bundle of joy, remember that the baby is not the only one needing special care. New moms–whether this is their first or seventh baby–have healing to do, physically as well as emotionally. This week we’ll focus on caring for new mamas.

One of those things they don’t always tell you before you’re in the delivery room is that you may need an episiotomy.  That sounds scarier than it really is:  mainly, you’ll wind up with some discomfort while it heals.  I had one with my first child–my smallest baby, but he had a big head (that’s where all his smarts are, I guess!)  Today I’m focusing on two things that made episiotomy care easier for me.  More after the jump–here’s where we get down to the basics!

Keeping a lavette bottle handy in each bathroom is an excellent way to take care of your healing incision.  Simply fill it with warm water and then use it to squirt the perineal area clean after you use the toilet.  You’ll find, later, that these bottles have a multitude of other uses:  they’re great as a “portable bidet” during your period and they also allow you to direct a stream of water as you wash a baby’s hair.

A second useful item is a Sitz bath.   These are not just for patients with hemorrhoids–they’re excellent for keeping the healing perineal area clean and comfortable.

Even if you haven’t had an episiotomy, these items are great for keeping your perineal area clean as you recover from labor.  I used them after my next two children’s births–no episiotomy needed after those two.


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