Motherly Advice Week: No Stealth Food

18 May

Moms dish out all kinds of things:  nutritious food, hugs on demand (and even when not on demand), kisses for boo-boos, and plenty of advice.  This week, I’m sharing some of the best tips I’ve found over the years.  I hope you find them helpful!

Parents who want to move their children beyond string cheese, Goldfish crackers and chicken nuggets need good recipes for healthy foods kids are willing to eat.  That’s what you’ll find in No Whine with Dinner, a cookbook with 150 kid-tested recipes for nutritious, delicious foods!  On top of all those recipes, there are plenty of tips for getting picky eaters to taste-test new dishes.  Written by two moms who are also dieticians, this cookbook balances good nutrition and fun flavor.

Motherly Advice:  While it’s easy to “sneak” vegetables and fruits into other recipes to make sure your child gets the nutrition he needs, this doesn’t help your child learn to choose those healthy foods!  Sneaky cooking and stealth baking won’t result in an adventurous eater.  Instead of hiding the good stuff in things like desserts, help your child learn to eat good foods by offering them regularly, setting a good example, and serving good foods in an appealing and yummy manner.  Nothing good ever came from sneaking around.


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