Guest Blogger: Elizabeth on More Things that Should Not be Attempted with Toddlers Around

20 Oct

Our special guest today is Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller, a Long Island, New York mother of four who blogs at The Divine Gift of Motherhood and (in her free time) writes as The Long Island Motherhood Examiner.   If you didn’t catch her first guest post here at The New Parents Guide, check it out now!

When my first-born was little, I used to bake cake and cookies from scratch a few times a week. I was famous for them! Then my second daughter came along, and something happened. A hard, flat Hershey’s Cocoa cake came to my in-laws in place of the scrumptious temptation I was used to bringing.  toddler-cooking

What could have happened? I went through my mind, imagining myself putting the ingredients into the bowl. Cracking the eggs – no, that hadn’t happened. No eggs! No wonder!

Another time, I left out the sugar. Even worse, one time I forgot the flour. That was hardly fit for the birds. Yet another time, I doubled the sugar. “Why don’t we just eat out of the sugar bowl,” my husband joked.

I finally declared that I was unable to concentrate on a recipe from start to finish with two little ones running around, and gave it up for several years. Baking from scratch is one of those things I now only attempt when the kids are in school and the baby is napping.


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