Grandparents Week: Save Me a Seat

4 Jul

Grandparents are a treasure, whether they live nearby or they’re very far away. This week we’ll talk about ways to foster closeness between your children and their grandparents. It’s Grandparents Week at The New Parents Guide!

When the grandkids visit, they expect certain comfort foods that they can only get at their grandparents’ house.  My mom is famous among her grandchildren for “Circle Soup”–chicken soup with ring noodles–and if the grandkids are there for lunch, that’s what they want to eat.

The problem with foods like “Circle Soup” is that they’re kind of messy to eat, and even the most forgiving grandparent isn’t thrilled to find chicken soup all over the nice dining chairs.  Those inevitable spills will be forgiven much more easily if you set Grandma up with a few of these Smart Seat Chair Covers.  Waterproof and stain-resistant, they’re easy to attach to those dining chairs with adjustable straps, and they’re available in 5 colors to match any decor.

We’ve got Mealtime Accessories to make meals at home or at Grandma’s go a lot easier!


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