Grandparents Week: Playtime

3 Jul

Grandparents are a treasure, whether they live nearby or they’re very far away. This week we’ll talk about ways to foster closeness between your children and their grandparents. It’s Grandparents Week at The New Parents Guide!

Got duplicate toys?  Got grandparents?  Then you’ve got no problem; bring the extras of the toys your baby, toddler or preschooler loves over to Grandma’s house–and keep them there (the toys, not the kids!)  That’s what we did, and it made traveling to visit grandparents SO much easier–we didn’t have to pack anything to keep the kids amused during our visit.

This soft-sided toybox from Sassy fits easily into Grandma’s spare closet or tucks into a corner of the room.  It’s lightweight, so it can be moved easily, and there are no sharp corners or heavy lids to pose a safety hazard.  Best of all, those extra toys can stay neatly tucked away until playtime!

We’ve got toy boxes of all shapes, sizes and colors!


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