Grandparents Week: Lucky at Cards

6 Jul

Grandparents are a treasure, whether they live nearby or they’re very far away. This week we’ll talk about ways to foster closeness between your children and their grandparents. It’s Grandparents Week at The New Parents Guide!

My younger son and my mom have enjoyed playing cards together since he was big enough to hold several cards in his little hands without scattering them all over the floor.  While he still hasn’t perfected his poker face, my ten-year-old’s favorite activity at his grandparents’ (besides pilfering Vanilla Wafers from the pantry) is playing cards with his grandmother.

It’s taken this long for him to learn that one of his favorite games is not called “GOLD Fish,” but that doesn’t diminish his delight in the game.  He and my mom vie for the title of “Most Competitive” as they duke it out over a pair of Jacks.

Mom keeps those decks of cards handy in a drawer in the living room, but the animal-themed “Go Fish” cards as well as the “Old Maid” set are more than a little shopworn, and the only instruction cards that haven’t been lost are in Spanish.  It might be time to set my mom up with some new playing cards.  Here’s a set of 3 games that will be a hit with grandparents and grandkids alike!

Looking for board games?  We’ve got plenty that will delight kids (and grandparents) of all ages.


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