Children and Windows ~ a dangerous combination

1 Apr

A while back I received an email from a retired insurance adjuster. She mentioned that there were several claims she handled in the past where children fell from open windows that were only secured by a screen. Unfortunately each time the child was either seriously injured or died. She went on to explain how more recently she visited two households where she considered the parents to have above average intelligence and capable of common sense only to find common sense that was dormant. In one case the parents had a large ottoman under a second story window and the second case a toy box was under a very high first story window. When she brought the dangers of this to the parents, the safety problem was met with a ho-hum reaction. She concluded that the parents probably didn’t think much of it simply because they don’t hear about it more frequently.

windowguard.jpgIn my opinion the problem of parents not caring about safety problems like this is caused by several things. First of all I agree that a small part of the problem is that some people have to hear things over and over in the news before they begin to believe it. Or they have to experience first hand, which by then is usually too late. The second problem in my opinion is that some parents just lack common sense about safety. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but it’s my opinion. I personally have always thought about this potential safety problem with both of my daughters. I go a step further and I worry about them leaning against closed windows. You never know when a window may break or come out of its frame which could lead to a potentially serious injury. So I never let my girls lean on or sit against an open or closed window.

So for any parents who come across this blog…Think about the windows in your home. They’re a serious potential safety problem. Don’t put items in front of them that your children can crawl up on. Don’t trust a child near an open window; it’s like a magnet to them. And most of all don’t think for a minute that a screen is going to keep your child from falling out.

Take some time to think ahead with placing furniture and securing your windows. Consider putting up a window guard like the one pictured. Or a stopper to keep the window from opening.

With a little planning on safety you could save your child’s life.

Do you know of a good article on this subject? Submit a comment with the link or any other information you think parents for would helpful.

Thanks to Lynne from California for the information, email and link to the following site:

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