Celebration Week: Beanie, Baby

28 Dec

In honor of my daughter’s 16th birthday, I’ve declared it Celebration Week around here!  As a holiday baby, she’s used to multiple days of festivity.  Ever since she was a toddler, she reaped the benefits of her Christmastime birthday, with candles in the dessert at every holiday party we attended.

I mentioned recently that my daughter has always lamented that she can’t find personalized items because her name isn’t Ashley, Emily or Olivia. That’s not a problem when it comes to these cute beanies from Poppy’s Closet! You can get any name or nickname you like on these hats.

You can choose a personalized beanie for anyone from preemie right on up to adult!  This is a great gift for a birthday or any occasion; these caps are so stylish right now.  Available designs include fish & sailboats, hearts, stars, peace sign and shamrocks, and there are tons of color combinations to make your beanie truly one of a kind.


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