Business Trip Survival for the Parent at Home

14 May

My husband’s upcoming business trip brings back a lot of memories.  His job used to require a lot more travel, and a few times a year I’d be “flying solo” for a week at a time.  It’s easier now that the kids are older, but I have vivid memories of those solo times and the survival skills I developed.

Toddlers and preschoolers will sorely miss the traveling parent.  A special ritual such as a shared storybook can be a great comfort to a toddler.  How can you share a story with a parent who’s hundreds–or thousands–of miles away?  It’s easy:  just get two copies of the book.  Slip one in your suitcase or briefcase before your trip and keep one at home.  Then make regular phone calls in which your child holds his copy of the book while you read yours.  Agree on a sound signal for turning the page (in our family, we used the word “beep,” spoken in a silly voice.)

Guess How Much I Love You is a sweet tale about a little bunny and his dad.  They play a game of “can you top this” by describing how much they love each other.  This is a wonderful story for a traveling parent to share with a child at home.

Enjoy your weekend!  I’ll return on Monday with two big Baskets of Bargains.

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