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21 Aug

Adding a new member to the family, no matter how adorable, means that you’ll need to rethink even the most well-established household routines.  And new members of the family, no matter how tiny, always come along with a whole bunch of stuff.

Where is it all going to go?

Jennifer Ford Berry, author of Organize Now!, understands the concerns parents have–she’s a parent herself.  She’s dealing with kitchen clutter and toy clutter and papers brought home from school as well as junk mail, pantry storage and even the home office.  Organize Now! is a week-by-week guide to organizing the stuff you have into the space you have, and to deciding what you really need to keep (and where best to keep it.)

I’m reading this book now, and I find that she has broken down tasks into manageable chunks.  You don’t have to do the whole house right now.  You can start at the beginning and work right through, or you can choose a chapter and jump right in to organize the space that needs the most help right now.  Everything is laid out step by step, with easy-to-follow checklists, common-sense tips, and even space for notes.

Even the construction of the book is well-thought-out.  It’s spiral-bound with a spine covering the spirals so they won’t get caught in something and unravel.  And because it’s spiral-bound, it lays flat on your desk or table.  The paper is very sturdy, and it’s a very pretty book, decorated with colorful borders on each page.  It’s made to look like a planner because it works like one–it’s your organization planner!

Enjoy your weekend–I’m planning a family picnic on Mr. College Bound’s last weekend at home.  See you Monday with a fresh basket of bargains!

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