Bookshelf: Kitchen-Table Play and Learn

14 Aug

DO try this at home!

A child’s first teachers are his parents, and Tara Copley and Andrea Custer’s book Kitchen Table Play and Learn is full of fun activities that parents and children can do together.  It’s more like a book of games than a book of lessons, but the games are fun, often quick to play, and your child won’t even know he’s learning!

Even better, the materials needed for these games are ordinary household objects, so you won’t be scrambling to find (and pay for) supplies.  The games will help your child learn skills in counting, number sequencing, letter recognition, matching and more, and are based on 30 themes that interest preschool children:  the ocean, sports, and farm animals, to name just a few.

You won’t really do all of these activities at your kitchen table–but it’s a great place to start!

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See you Monday with a fresh Basket of Bargains.  Enjoy the weekend!

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