Babybonkie ~ infant swaddle blankets and sleep sacks

1 Jul

babybonkieSix years ago I was the master at swaddling. If anyone including grandparents wanted my daughter swaddled, I’d be the one they would come to. Even though I was good at wrapping up my daughter like a bug in a cocoon, it never failed that she would eventually wiggle her way out half way through the night.  Thanks to the Babybonkie, this problem is a thing of the past.

Babybonkie makes infant swaddle blankets and sleep sacks that are designed to help infants stay wrapped up through the night, allowing more uninterrupted sleep. The innovative design makes swaddling simple thanks to its unique shape and Velcro closures.

Babybonkie chooses only the most unique and colorful fabrics for their products.  Check them out…no boring blankets here. All of Babybonkie swaddles are machine washable and can be found at and numerous stores around the country including Nordstrom’s, Saks’s, and Barney’s. You can find a store near you by visiting this page.

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  1. Johnny Niumata 04. Nov, 2009 at 8:31 pm #

    Nice swaddles I did not know about those.

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