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Home > Parenting Information > Nicknames for Grandparents


Nicknames for Grandparents
" Nicknames for children to call their Grandfathers and Grandmothers "


Abue Lola (Filipino for grandmother)
Abuela (Spanish for Grandma); nickname=Lita or Litta Lolo (Filipino for grandfather)
Abuelo (Spanish for Grandpa); nickname=Lito or Litto Ma
Ajja (Grandpa) from S.W. coast of India Maga
Ajji (Grandma) from S.W. coast of India MaiMai (MyMy)
Baba (Serbian for Grandma) Mama
Babka Mamaw
Babcia (Polish = grandmother) Mamie
Bamba Mammo
Bamma Mams
Bampy (Grandfather) Maw-Maw
Bana Mardi
Banma (grandmother) Marme (Grandmother
Banpa (grandfather) MeeMaw
Beebaw Mema
Bibi Meme
Big Gram Mère (French word for mother)
Big Mama Memog
Big Pop Memom
Bompa MeMot
Booma Mica (Serbian for Grandmother)
Boppy Mim
Bube (pronounced buh-bee) Yiddish for grandmother Mima
Bubbie Mimi
Bubbles Moggee
Bumbpa Moggy - grandmother
Bumpa Mo Ma
Cici Momaw
Da Mommers
Da Ma Mom-Mom
Da Pa Mommom
Deda or Djedo (Serbian for Grandpa) Moome
Dedo Mor-Mor (Swedish for mother's mother)
Dedko Mor-Phar (Swedish for mother's father)
Didi (Grandfather (Croatian)) Mum
Didler Mummica
Drampa Nai Nai (Chinese for grandmother)
Dub Na'nah
Dumpa Namaw
Dziadzia (Polish = grandfather) Namma
E-du-di (Cherokee = grandfather) Nan
E-li-si (Cherokee = grandmother) Nana
E-ma Nana Barbie
Eena-nana Nanagrandma
Frannie Nandad
G-Daddy Nanna
G-Ma Nanny
G-Mom Nanoo
G-Pa Naunua
Gada NeeNee
GaGa Nema
Gams NiNi (Grandma)
Gammie Ninna
Gammlefar - Norwegian for Grandfather Ninny (Grandma)
Gammlemor - Norwegian for Grandmother Nona
Gammy Nonna (Italian for grandmother)
Gamps Nonnie
Gannie Nonno
Gee Nonny
Ge-Ge (Great Grandma) NunNun
GiGi (Grandpa or Grandma) Obaachan or Baachan (Japanese for Grandmother)
Gigia (Greek for Grandmother) Oggy
Gogo (Go-guh) = Grandmother in Creole (Spoken in Haiti) Ojiichan or Jiichan (Japanese for Grandfather)
Gommie Oma (German & Dutch for Grandma)
Gommy Opa (German & Dutch for Grandpa)
Grady Pabby (Grandma)
Gram Pama
Grama Pampo
Gramma Paoo - Grandfather
Gramma Great Papa
Grammie Papa Bill
Grammommie PaPaDaddy
Gramms Papa Jake
Grammy Papaw
Gramp PappaJohn
Grampa Pappap
Gramps Pappous (Greek for Grandfather)
Grampster Papps
Grampy Pappy
Grams Papu
Gramsy Paw
Gran PawPaw
Gran Gran Pawpee
Grand-Dude PeePaw
Granddad Pepa
Granddaddy Pepere (French for Grandfather)
Grandfather PePop
Grandma Phar-Mor (Swedish for father's mother)
Grandmama Phar-Phar (Swedish for father's father)
Grandmeir Pompa
Grand-mère (French word for Grandmother) Pop
Grandmom Poppa
Grandmomma Poppa Al
Grandmother Poppers
Grandnan Poppie
Grando Poppops
Grandpa Pop-pop
Grandpa-Pop Poppy
Grandpadaddy Pops
Grandpapa Popsie
Grandpop Sasa
Grandpup Seanáthair (Irish for Grandfather)
Grandy Seanmháthair (Irish for Grandmother)
Granma Silly Grandpa
Granmomma Slo-ma
Granna Sugar
Granny Sweetie (Grandma)
Grannymama Sweetums (Grandma)
Granpie Ta- Grandpa
GreatMother Tetah
Grumpa Tutu kane (Hawaiian for grandfather
Grumps Tutu wahine (Hawaiian for grandmother
Gumma Vo-Vo (Portugese for grandma)
Guppa Wipper (Grandma)
Kupuna kane (Hawaiian for grandfather YaYa (Greek for Grandmother)
Kupuna wahine (Hawaiian for grandmother Ye Ye (Chinese for grandfather)
Lela Zeidy - Yiddish for Grandfather

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