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Choosing a Baby High Chair


Most parents agree; a baby high chair is one of the most used baby products next to a crib.  With a high chair being used several times a day for several years, you'll want to make sure you pick one that meets your style, along with one that is functional and durable.

Types of Baby High Chairs

  • Wooden high chairs - Wooden high chairs are considered by many parents to be more pleasing to look at, however, they do have some drawbacks.  Wooden highchairs are usually harder to clean, stain more easily, are heavier, usually don't fold and typically do not have as many features as the new plastic types of high chairs.

  • Metal highchairs - Usually have more features than wooden high chairs, such as folding or collapsing for storage and are easier to clean, but they can also be a little heavier than plastic high chairs.

  • Plastic / metal (Full feature) high chairs - These high chairs are usually the most convenient.  Most models offer reclining seatbacks, adjustable heights, well padded easy to clean seats, easy to clean removable trays, wheels for good maneuverability and lightweight with easy fold-up for storage.

What to look for when shopping

  • Stability - You want a wide based and sturdy high chair that is very difficult to tip over.

  • Safe security restraint belts - The restraint belts should secure your baby around the waist and between the legs to prevent your baby from standing up or slipping out from underneath.

  • No sharp edges - Be sure the underside and the area surrounding where your baby sits is free from rough or sharp edges.  Make sure wooden high chairs don't have any splinters that are exposed.

  • Easy tray with tall edges - You will want a tray that is easy to remove and clean (preferably a tray with a one hand release).  The tray should also have raised lips or edges to catch spills.

  • Adjustable - Adjustable reclining positions helps as the baby grows; an adjustable tray helps as the baby gains weight; adjustable height helps accommodate different sized parents and an adjustable footrest is a nice feature for older babies.

  • Easy to clean - Your baby will most likely be playing, spitting and throwing food in every crack of the chair he or she can reach.  You'll want easy to wipe surfaces, plastic or vinyl seats and plastic trays that can all be easily cleaned.

  • Wheels - wheels can be convenient for moving the highchair from room to room, but always be sure to lock the wheels when your baby is in the high chair.

  • Make sure the high chair has the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association) logo.  The JPMA along with the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and the CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) all work together in developing safety standards for baby products like highchairs.

Safety Tips

  • ALWAYS belt your baby into the safety restraints

  • Never leave your child unattended in a high chair

  • If your highchair is equipped with wheels, always lock them in place when your baby is in the high chair.

  • Be sure that all of the adjustable latches including the tray adjustment, height adjustment, folding latch, reclining latch and footrest latch are all securely locked in place before you put your child in the high chair.

  • Make sure you know the minimum and maximum weight limits of the high chair.

As a final Note

Always send in your product registration card.  This is how you will be notified in case of a recall.

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