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Baby Items for Grandma's House


If frequent trips to grandma’s house are likely, parents and grandparents should consider having extra baby items available for when the baby goes to visit.

Depending on how far away grandparents live, baby furniture such as a baby crib or pack ‘n play is a good idea if infant will nap or spend the night. There are smaller, more portable cribs on the market that take up less space such as the Mini Rocking Crib by Da Vinci. This crib is on wheels making it easy to move into any room and the compact size makes it possible to fit into some storage rooms or larger closets. A pack ‘n play is another option for keeping the baby comfortable during sleepy time. A pack ‘n play or a playard is a lightweight option that folds up and stores easily between visits.

A highchair or booster seat is important if meal times are spent with grandparents. This provides a comfortable place for the child and keeps the mess to a minimum. Holding a baby while spoon feeding baby food will end up a disaster and using a car seat or stroller only means more laundry to do! Well equipped grandparents could keep extra bottles, cups, plates, and baby utensils for meal time as well.

Grandparents may wish to show their precious grandbaby to the neighborhood, so an extra stroller stashed at grandma’s house will make it easier on everyone. Unless visits to grandparents’ house are frequent, choosing a smaller stroller is sufficient enough for those occasional trips around the block. One option is to have an umbrella stroller such as the Micralite Toro Baby Stroller.

For children riding in infant car seats, grandparents can purchase an additional car base for their personal car in case they would need to travel with infant. For older children, a convertible car seat or booster seat is needed for grandparents who are on-the-go.

Keeping baby items at grandma’s house is a great way to lessen the load for parents and to prepare grandparents for the arrival of their grandchild. However, regardless of what baby gear is available, the most important thing grandparents should stock in their home is love.


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